Dear Music Industry Friend:

    It’s our pleasure to offer you our services of Production, Recording, Mixing and most uniquely Translation and in-studio vocal coaching for the perfect Spanish track.

    We’ve been producing and helping recording artists, publishers and labels translate and record their albums or demos into Spanish for over 15 years. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with some great artists like Kari Jobe, Seventh Day Slumber, Stephanie Urbina Jones, Jaci Velazquez, The Katinas, Carman, Margaret Becker, First Call, Petra, Guardian, Delirious, Steve Green and many more. We also have been producing songs and albums in Spanish for Spanish speaking artists from around the world and we’ve produced and/or translated tracks for  labels like Sparrow, Word, Myrrh, Gotee, Star Song, Integrity, Forefront, BEC and many more.

    Throughout the years some of the albums we’ve produced and/or translated have been nominated for numerous awards including Latin Grammy’s, Dove Awards and ARPA Awards, among dozens of other international nominations and awards in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Latin America.

    We can help you reach your goals by translating and adapting your songs or albums into Spanish. Not only we can translate your songs but we can also produce and record your vocals at our studio. For over a decade we've helped numerous artists and labels break the barriers of language and connect with the Spanish speaking audience.

    Songs cannot be merely translated literary, they have to be "trans-created". "Trans-creating" the lyrics of a song should be a cross-cultural work, the words need to be carefully and poetically chosen according to the culture. Yet the challenge lies in keeping the essence and message intact, and we can do that. We are not only bilingual, (our first language is Spanish) but we are also songwriters and that makes all the difference.

   It’s a reality and it’s no secret, the Hispanic population is growing everyday and it has become the largest minority in the U.S. and artists across the nation are noticing. They are not only translating and recording Spanish versions of their hits but also recording complete albums in Spanish and/or adding Latin remixes in the different latin genres like Tejano, Salsa, Mariachi and Reggaeton among others. Top artists like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Avril Lavigne, Coldplay, Celine Dion and others have been producing their hits in Spanish thus capturing their share of the market and increasing sales and audience.   

    You may already own or have access to the most expensive part of this process...

your master.

By translating and recording the vocals in Spanish of your master, you will be getting a brand new product to a brand market and

increase sales for a fraction of your original investment.

On this digital age, it’s imperative to look for new, creative and inexpensive ways to increase sales and reach a larger market.

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More than 1000 songs and over 60 albums translated into Spanish.

Translation Services


Angel Wars


Bryan Duncan


Cedarmont Kids

Coram Deo

Dany Driggs


Dick & Mel Tunney

Disney Theatrical

First Call


Ingrid Rosario

Jaci Velazquez

Jamie Rowe

Jody McBrayer

Jonathan Settel

Kari Jobe

Kim Boyce

Los Katinas

Margaret Becker

Patty Cabrera

Paul Wilbur


Purpose Driven Life

Renee Garcia

Seventh Day Slumber

Stephanie Urbina J.

Steve Green

Songs From The Loft

The Crabb Family

The Prayer of Jabez


These are some of the labels and artists we’ve coached, translated and

recorded songs with.

Estos son algunos de los sellos y artistas a los que les hemos traducido y grabado en Español.

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